Many a North American dreams about Living in Mexico or Moving to Mexico for Retirement.

A dream of retiring to an exotic locale, complete with sun-drenched beaches and plentiful recreation. Baja California is such a place! More and more gringos are choosing this charming part of Mexico as their retirement destination. In fact, expatriates choose retirement in Mexico and moving to Mexico more than any other country in the world. Why?  Any American living in Mexico knows it's possible to reduce your current living expenses in half when you retire in Mexico and not sacrifice, in most cases, the conveniences found at home.  You might even raise your standard of living!


But why Mexico, you might ask? 
The reason so many Americans and Canadians choose retirement in Mexico is because they can drive to Mexico in a car. A bigger reason is that Mexico is a bargain compared to the USA and Canada.  But there are also a large number of Europeans in Mexico Mexico is rich with history, steeped in culture, having perhaps a more pronounced culture than any other nation in Latin America with the exception of Brazil and Argentina. Mexico has great food, great architecture and many areas with an excellent climate.  Mexico is also modern, with better highways than many parts of Latin America and an infrastructure that allows foreigners to connect via telephone and internet to the rest of the world. 









Baja California

We're not implying that Mexico is Shangri-La,  but we think it's closer to paradise than any place you can find in the United States or Canada.  Here in this land of majestic mountains and rolling countryside, you will find a gentle people willing to welcome you into their hearts. You will have more time to explore other interests and develop your talents because you have more freedom, better health, less stress, and someone else to take care of mundane chores. 

Low cost of living

A lower cost-of-living is not the only reason that Baja California Real Estate is so appealing. If you're looking for one of the best places to retire in North or South America, retirement communities in Mexico and Americans living in Mexico win hands down for climate, value, cost of living, cost of Baja real estate, quality of life and property investment growth potential.

The low cost of living and real estate in Baja California allows you to splurge on luxuries that would be prohibitive anywhere else and to take advantage of world-class Resorts that are only a few hours' drive away.